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Toscano salame chub by Olli

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Olli toscano chub is a delicious salame seasoned with fennel pollen conveying a slight, licorice-like aroma. 6oz piece.


Oliviero was born and raised in Rome into a family of salumi makers.  As a boy, Olli spent plenty of time at his grandfather’s prosciutto and salami factories, and by an early age he picked up a lot of knowledge about how to cure various meats.

Olli salumi making takes a unique and old-world approach to meat, ingredients and method of production. Olli product aims to create an experience that recreates what a person would eat in Italy. This experience is a fresh tasting salami that is sweeter with a less acidic taste. A salami that had time to develop its complex meat flavor through a slow cure production cycle, becomes a salami that is not just flavored with spices, but with a combination of method, meat, and culture.



Pork, sea salt, contains less than 2% of the following: turbinado sugar, cultured celery juice powder ( culture celery juice, sea salt, canola oil), natural flavoring, fennel pollen, wine, garlic, lactic acid starter culture.

How to store

Keep refrigerated. For best before date see back of packaging.