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🇮🇹 Get 10% off first purchase🍝

LATEST Appetizers

  • “Ricotta ‘Flower’ Zucchini Tart”

    “Ricotta ‘Flower’ Zucchini Tart”

    Summer is over but we don’t care! This tart is sooo easy to make and...

  • Ziti Genovese

    Ziti Genovese heartwarming dish is a delicious Italian classic. Don't let the name fool you; this is...

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

    Spaghetti Carbonara

    One of Italy’s most famous pasta dishes, this is a pillar of Roman cuisine. 👩‍🍳...

  • Penne Arrabbiata

    Penne Arrabbiata

    Video link: Penne all'Arrabbiata is a typical dish from Rome, but it is well...

LATEST First Course



    Lasagna day is always a joyous occasion to share with friends and family. The aroma...

  • Purple Spaghetti with Cabbage

    Purple Spaghetti

    Spaghetti with purple cabbage is a fast first course with a very bright color. Responsible for...

  • Oven-Baked Tofu Parmigiana

    Oven-Baked Tofu Parmigiana

    This recipe features lightly breaded tofu "steaks" coated with mozzarella and Italian-style tomato sauce. Even...

  • The Perfect Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

    The Perfect Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

    A great spaghetti sauce is one of the most vital pieces of culinary excellence you...

LATEST Main Course

  • Amatriciana Pasta with Adoro Penne

    Amatriciana Pasta with Penne from Adoro

     Regional dishes are often the cause of dispute between Italians, whether they are professional chefs...

  • Rabbit with artichokes

    Rabbit with artichokes

    Rabbit with artichokes Difficulty: Average Time: 30 min of preparation, 50 min of cooking Doses...

  • Egg Benedict

    Egg Benedict

    Let's make brunch every day! Especially with so many varieties of our favorite Egg Benedict....

  • Mac & Cheese "Italian Style" 🧀  🇮🇹

    Mac & Cheese "Italian Style" 🧀 🇮🇹

    Mac & Cheese Italian Style is a go to recipe around here. Within 30 minutes,...

LATEST Dessert

  • Frozen Choco Strawberries

    Frozen Choco Strawberries

    Fun Frozen Strawberries 🍓🍫 If you don't know which dessert to serve today, we can help you...

  • Gluten Free Waffles by Sogno Toscano

    Gluten Free Waffles by Sogno Toscano

    Gluten-free and guilt-free waffles, the perfect breakfast for you 🥞 simple and delicious recipe.    Difficulty: Easy Time of Preparation: 20 mins Time of Cooking: 10 mins...


    Sugar Free Berry Jellow 🍓

    No sugar, no guilt, vegan, and the most beautiful summer dessert you can make to...

  • 🥐 Puff Pastry Sweet Tricks 🥐

    Puff Pastry Sweet Tricks 🥐

    Why you should always have puff pastry dough in your freezer? To make your life...