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🇮🇹 Get 10% off first purchase🍝

Our Philosphy

At times, it is a double-edged sword to be the only American company applying the model of a single brand food distributor when working with numerous partners, while maintaining our high standards from inception to delivery, restaurant to restaurant.

On one hand, we can boast the superior quality and dedication to research and development on all levels of our company, and on the other, we cannot provide our clients with excuses as to where there potentially be defects or inconsistencies in our product. We are our own manufactures.

This involves extreme attention and a lot of “behind the scenes” work from the quality control team of Sogno Toscano. The company invests heavily in research and follows the production from A to Z. Throughout the year, we scour each unique region to select Italy’s best products. This is in valuable addition to what we cultivate at our estate in Bolgheri, Tuscany.

For each Sogno Toscano product, we perform rigorous laboratory testing, sampling, and tasting by aware winning chefs. We develop the spec sheets, packaging, and lot selection as well as monitor the loading, withdrawal, and container closure with our safety seal.

All of our products are GMO-free and our suppliers are certified to distribute by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

We pay special attention, care, and precision to each shipment through a system of checks. Our commitment to quality combines the wholesomeness of nature with the most advanced technology in production.

This is the secret to our success.

Pietro Brembilla

– President