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"Ferrarini" Italian Mortadella with Pistachio

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This Italian cold cut has been produced since ancient times – the 1st century! The recipe originates in the region near Rome, and it consists of finely ground pork (the first part of the name, “mortar” derives from the mortar that was used for grinding) seasoned with spices and herbs, stuffed into a casing, then cooked in dry hot air ovens (which doesn’t add moisture). Presented in round light pink slices, the flavor is mild, delicate, and fragrant with a soft, silky texture.

Ferrarini’s Mortadella with Pistachios is produced using only the most carefully selected ground pork and studded with pistachios, is free from gluten, lactose, and milk protein, and following traditional recipes. The subtle flavoring and long cooking time give the mortadella its characteristic fragrance and unique, delicate taste, ensuring it is truly unmistakable. The origins of the name mortadella are still not entirely clear, though most research dates back to Ancient Rome. Enjoy on your next antipasto platter, or stuffed in a classic piadina or fresh slices of focaccia for a satisfying lunch.

Ferrarini makes their gluten-free, lactose-free mortadella with select meats. They’ve been expertly producing high-quality Italian charcuterie and specialty means since the mid-1950s, respecting classic techniques and ancient recipes.


Pork, sea salt, PISTACHIO NUTS( 1%), seasoning( spices and flavoring: pepper, mace, garlic, nutmeg).

How to store

Keep refrigerated . For maximum taste remove from the fridge and open the pack a few minutes before use.

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