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Tuscan surf and turf Crostini

Tuscan surf and turf Crostini

Tuscan surf and turf Crostini 



  1. Take 8 sgl baby red Sogno toscano anc cut them into four wedges. 
  2.  and top them with the fine chopped thyme leaves.
  3. Use the remaining fine chopped thyme leaves spreadding them on every slices of bread putting a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil on all of them as well.
  4. toast the bread quickly on the oven grill at 400° for 3 minutes
  5. SPREAD the slices of ham on the cutting board and arrange the tomato fillets at the edge of each slice.Roll the prosciutto around the
  6. tomato and put the rolls obtained on top of warm bread. Complete by placing a fillet of anchovy on top
  7. each prosciutto roll and serve.

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