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Rainbow Focaccia

Rainbow Focaccia

Rainbow Focaccia: the easy way to show your love during Pride Month 🌈

Pride month is a month long event in June dedicated to raising awareness of our LGBTQ community. 

It's time to celebrate by wearing and using colors, rainbows, flags and pride!


Imagine a rainbow that is as bright and beautiful as you are. You can't help but feel the love emanating from it, warming your heart with every color on display! And now imagine this feeling in bread form; because I'm here to tell you there's an easy way to make focaccia that looks just like a perfect summer day - all without breaking out any craft supplies or baking skills beyond knowing which side of the dough needs more flour.


It is celebrated in June which coincides with the anniversary of Christopher Street Liberation Day, also known as Gay Freedom Day or Stonewall. This day was originally started by transwomen and drag queens who fought back against police violence on June 28th 1969 at Greenwich Village bar called The Stonewall Inn that led to riots throughout New York City for two days until finally being quelled on Sunday night, August 3rd 1970 when gay rights organizations like "The Mattachine Society" had organized demonstrations from various locations around NYC leading up to this historic event so they could show support for those involved in these confrontations while continuing their fight towards legalizing homosexuality nationwide!

Pride month is a time to celebrate one's pride in their sexual orientation. It symbolizes how all of us can be different and still equal, which also means that we are not alone.  Whether you are gay or straight - come out this year! 


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