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Fancy Carpaccio

Fancy Carpaccio

INGREDIENTS (6 servings)

• 10oz bresaola, sliced very thin
• 1 cup artichokes quarters, drained
• 1 cup mushrooms, drained and sliced 
• 1/4 cup Parmigiano reggiano 
• Arugula
• 1 green onion
• Juice of 1 lemon
• 1 Tbsp of mustard seeds
• 4 Tbsp of Fattoria extra virgin oil
• 1 Tbsp of White balsamic vinegar 
• Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Drain the artichoke quarters, slice the mushrooms and add the parmesan.
  2. Peel and slice the green onion, then soak it in a bowl with the vinegar; after 10 minutes drain it, pass it under water and dry it with a towel.
  3. Wash the arugula (or another preferred salad) and tear the leaves with your hands. 
  4. Spread the slices of bresaola on the serving plate, put the mushrooms, artichokes, parmesan and arugula mixed in the center (if you want, you can also add corn).
  5. In a bowl, beat a pinch of salt with a pinch of pepper, the filtered lemon juice and the mustard seeds.
  6. Add the oil and beat the sauce with a fork, then pour the prepared dressing over the ingredients and serve.
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