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Parmesan Cannoli with Prosciutto and Pistachios

Parmesan Cannoli with Prosciutto and Pistachios




1)Mix in a mixer prosciutto, mascarpone, butter, salt and pepper. Place the mousse in a bowl, cover and place the bowl in the fridge for around 1h. 

2)Preheat a non-stick pan and cover the bottom with 3 spoons of grated parmesan to make cannoli shells. When it starts to melt, flip it and keep it cooking it for a bit. Remove the parmesan cannoli shell and wrap it quickly to a little cylinders rolling pin till it cools down and solidifies.

3)Repeat the procedures till parmesan is over.
4)Place the mascarpone mousse in a sac à poche and use it to stuff each shell. 
5)Decorates the ends of cannoli with pistachios.
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