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Prosciutto Crudo (Italian Pork)

14 lb / 6.4 kg
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Prosciutto Crudo is Italian pork that's made without preservatives, nitrates, or any chemicals at all, and is cured only with sea salt.

It follows the same long process of curing - the scents, flavors, and delicacy of the savory taste is amazing for the price point of this great product. W

Our Prosciutto Crudo has a reputation that precedes description - and one that is well deserved.

Produced from the choice cuts of pork-legs, then slowly cured in temperature-sensitive environments, developing a graceful yet remarkable flavor from sea salt and the famous Marino wind.

To be combined into a salad for a degree of pleasant saltiness, or on a pizza to cut through the tomato base - the possibilities are limitless.

How to store

Keep refrigerated. For best before date check back label.