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Pesto Sauce Ricotta Cheese & Peppers by Polli - 6.7 oz

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Known as pesto alla Calabrese in Italy, this pesto sauce with ricotta cheese and peppers by Polli is the perfect accompaniment for a pasta dish.

Ricotta cheese and red peppers give this Italian pesto a warm, orange hue and a delightfully complex flavor profile. 

The succulent peppers and fresh ricotta are combined with tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil and, of course, some chili peppers, which give it its kick.

When you don’t fancy pasta, spread it on some bread to liven up a sandwich or use it as a spicy dip. The fresh taste and creamy texture make this pesto sauce very moreish. With a spicy bite, it adds a pleasant kick to your meal and makes a lovely dish to enjoy al fresco during the warmer months.


Red peppers, sunflower oil, ricotta cheese( whey, milk, lactic acid), tomato paste, onion, salt, grana padano cheese ( cow's milk, salt, animal rennet, egg lysozime) extra virgin olive oil, pecorino romano cheese ( sheep's milk, salt, animal rennet, cheese cultures), chili pepper, oregano, lactic acid. Contains milk, egg.

how to store

Keep in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening. For best before date see rim of the lid.