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Pecorino di Montalcino Truffle Wheel

1.6 kg / 3.5 lb Approx.
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Made in Tuscany, our Pecorino di Montalcino truffle wheel is a semi-dry  artisan cheese you cannot afford to be without on your cheese board.

Created using sheep’s milk and blended with fine pieces of local truffles, this cheese has a soft yet compact texture and a distinctive taste. The cheese has a full, balanced flavor from the milk, which is enhanced by the aromatic hints of truffle.

Enjoy this extraordinary cheese on Italian bread with a glass of wine as you are transported straight to Tuscany. It is delightful when paired with cold meats and olives, and is an inspired choice to stuff meat with.


Average wheel weight is 3.5lb- to 3.7lb



Pasteurized Sheep Milk, truffle, rennet, salt , lactic starters. Rind treated with natamycin ( a mold inhibitor).Contains milk, may contain pistachio & walnuts.

How to store

keep refrigerated. For best before date see back label.