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Organic Tomato & Olives Sauce

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Only high quality, gourmet Italian ingredients


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Our Organic ready-to-use tomato sauces are kitchen heroes for busy cooks and anyone craving authentic Italian taste without the fuss.

These sauces are all about top-notch quality and old-school Italian cooking methods. They start with sun-ripened, organic tomato pulp from Southern Italy, skipping the tomato concentrate shortcut many others use. This special tomato goodness is packed with vitamin C and lycopene, which gives it a healthy boost and great flavor when cooked at high heat.

They also include cold-pressed Italian extra virgin olive oil, loaded with good stuff called polyphenols, showing a commitment to using only the best.

And what's not in these sauces is just as important: no animal fats, preservatives, added sugars, or fake colors. That means they're light and pure, full of natural goodness.

The ingredients of our recipes (peppers, onions, capers, chili peppers, basil, garlic) grow away from sources of pollution, under the natural sunlight and cultivated through ancient techniques that respect the natural cycle of the soil, the environment and biodiversity. We prevent cultivated products from being contaminated by polluting sources and we choose crops in open fields, far from inhabited centers.

In a nutshell, our homemade tomato sauces aren't just sauces—they're a taste of Italy's cooking heritage. They bring genuine Italian flavors to any dish while sticking to nature's best ingredients.


Chopped tomatoes*(86,2%), olives* (6%), extra virgin olive oil*, capers* (3%), sea salt, onion*, parsley* , garlic*, chili pepper*. *Organic.

How to store

Store in a cool, dry place, refrigerate after opening & use within 3 days.