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Olive Oil Connoisseur Package — 5 Bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Loved by Italians for centuries, extra virgin olive oil has an exquisite taste and offers a multitude of health benefits. Our olive oil connoisseur package provides you with five varieties of extra virgin olive oil to enjoy alone as a dipping oil or to enhance another dish.

  • 100% EVOO Fattoria Suvereto - 750 mL 
  • 100% Organic EVOO Biologico - 500 mL 
  • Lemon infused EVOO - 250 mL 
  • Fennel infused EVOO - 250 mL
  • Rosemary Infused EVOO - 250 mL

Fattoria Suvereto is made from superior quality olives in Tuscany. It has a beautiful aroma and an intense flavor. Our Biologico is 100% organic and has a unique earthy flavor.

We also offer three olive oils infused with tangerine, fennel and rosemary, which are perfect for enhancing salads, as dipping oils and as finishing oils.