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OLIVAIO - Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

500 ml - 16.9 oz
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Organic EVOO is one of the primary fat sources in the Mediterranean diet. It works well with everything from dressing to frying to baking. Composed of energizing fats that are easily metabolized, it can be used three times a day or more.

Through countless trips, grove visits, and tastings, Olivaio selected an elite group of farmers from Tuscany– they honor tradition and produce the purest 100% organic extra virgin olive oil Italy has to offer. 

Olivaio's farmers are selected based on:

  1. How they grow the fruit – non-GMO seeds, no chemicals
  2. How they process the fruit – no additives, no preservatives, no dies, no added substances 
  3. If they provide early harvest fruit and follow cold press extraction methods

Their oil is pure – it's imperative that olives are non-GMO and our farmers don't use additives, preservatives, or dies (which, if you don't know, is what most brands in supermarkets do). 

They also require early harvest fruit to ensure our oil tastes alive. It’s young. It’s vibrant. And it leaves a subtle peppery finish at the back of your throat – one that you’ll come to recognize and love. 


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. USDA Organic, GMO free, Gluten Free, CCOF certified.

Packing facility might be in contact with other products containing gluten.

How to store

Store away from heat and light. Product may become cloudy at low temperatures. it will return to its normal state at room temperature. For best before date see back label.

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