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Mortadella with Pistachios

10 lb / 4.53 kg
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Hailing from Bologna and harking back to Roman times, this cured sausage is a must as part of your Italian diet.

Combined with pistachio pieces and lardon, it has a pleasing aesthetic while it is creamy and smooth in texture. Enjoy it as an antipasto or in a sandwich or use it to liven up soups and stews.

This firm sausage is a versatile ingredient to include in your cooking and pairs well with other foods. Place it on a charcuterie board along with olives, cheese and walnuts. Enjoy it together with some Italian bread and wine.


Product weight can vary , average weight per piece is 10lb.



Pork, pork fat, pepper, natural flavors, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite.


How to store

Keep refrigerated, use within 7 days of opening or freeze.

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