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Gnocchi Truffle - Bag

500 gr / 17.6 oz
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Originating due to the colder Northern Italian climate, where potatoes were easier to grow than grain, our Gnocchi combines the earthy tones of Italian potato with a milled flour to create the epitome of smooth, consistent taste. 

With the added muskiness of the truffle, we provide a taste with a slight edge when compared to regular Gnocchi, giving our product a smooth aromatic flavor with a strong musky undertone, that's versatile and delicious with all kinds of meats, sauces, and cheese, from tomato, ricotta to a lemon and chive pesto.

With a one minute cooking time, Gnocchi is deceptive in its quality, while maintaining a convenience rarely found in the culinary world, ideal for gatherings or for solo dining. 

This Truffle Gnocchi can be used to create all manner of stunning meals. What’s more, a little goes a long way due to its filling nature, meaning each bag lasts longer.



Potato flakes ( water, dehydrated flake potatoes) 00 soft wheat flour, potato starch, 1% summer truffle(Tuber Aestivum Vitt,water, salt), salt, flavor, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservatives: sorbic acid. Contains: wheat.


Cooking instructions

Put a pot with plenty of salted water on the stove. Once it boils , add the gnocchi. As soon as the gnocchi float, drain them and add your sauce of choice.


How to store

Keep at room temperature ( <68%) in a cool ( airy) , dry ( no humidity) place away from heat sources. If you don't have any storage locations with such characteristics , it is advisable to keep  product in the fridge.

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