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Carne Bianca (Poultry) Seasoning

1.94oz/ 55g
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Il Boschetto's Carne Bianca Poultry Seasoning features sea salt, black pepper, sage, lemon zest, fennel and garlic, creating a fresh and zesty flavor perfect for chicken and turkey dishes.

About Il Boschetto

Since 1961, the Boschi Family has been crafting exceptional oils, vinegars, herbs, spices, legumes, and grains in the heart of Tuscany. Il Boschetto blends innovation with tradition, earning a reputation as one of Tuscany’s premier agri-food producers.

Experience the essence of Tuscan cuisine with Il Boschetto Seasoning. This exquisite blend of premium herbs and spices brings rich, aromatic flavors to your dishes, transforming everyday meals into gourmet delights.


Culinary Uses

Ideal for roasting, grilling, or sautéing chicken and turkey, this seasoning also enhances vegetable dishes with a delightful Tuscan touch.

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