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Bottarga di Muggine (cured fish roe)

160 gr / 5.6 oz
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Hailing from Sardinia, our Bottarga di Muggine is known as Italian caviar and is popular worldwide.

This cured fish roe is derived from gray mullet and the preservation technique has been used for centuries. The roe membrane is removed intact and then cured, pressed and dried.

With a smooth texture, it is best enjoyed raw and serving suggestions include grating it over eggs, risotto, pasta dishes or on toast with olive oil. With an intense flavor, a little goes a long way so use it as you would a garnish. To reduce the saltiness, sprinkle lemon juice on top.


Mullet Roe ( oeufs de mulet) salt. Contains fish mullet.


How to store

Keep refrigerated , for best before date see back label.