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🇮🇹 Get 10% off first purchase🍝

Fabio & Ben Green Pasta Kit

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Meet Fabio, a passionate soul hailing from the gastronomic haven of Bologna, Italy. Living in the heart of America alongside his English roommate , Ben, Fabio sensed that the true essence of Italian pasta preparation had started to fade away outside of Italy. Determined to revive the authentic experience, he embarked on a mission to bring the spirit of Italy back to your kitchen.

🇮🇹 The True Italian Way

Fabio journeyed back to Italy, where he handpicked the finest ingredients that echo the rich culinary traditions of his homeland. Each Fabio & Ben Pasta Kit encapsulates generations of knowledge passed down through Fabio's family, ensuring that you recreate the perfect pasta, just like a true Italian.

Fabio & Ben Green Box contains all ingredients for the perfect PASTA AL PESTO


1 Spaghetti Adoro 500g/ 17.64oz

1 pesto genovese jar 185 gr / 6.5 oz

1 1923 extra virgin olive oil 0.25 L / 8.45 oz

1 Mama Franscesca Grated Parmesan Jar 8oz/ 226g

1 Classic Bruschettini 4.23oz/ 120g