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🇮🇹 Get 10% off first purchase🍝

Arancia (Orange) infused EVO

250ml/ 8.5oz
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For centuries the Italian population has loved extra virgin olive oil and ( infused product)

Now you can too. 

Coming from the same plants as our olive collections, we’ve added a culinary twist to the world’s most popular extra virgin olive oil.: we’ve infused our oil with italian oranges to bring out the flavor in your dishes.

Being such a versatile condiment, this is a must-have ingredient, being both indulgent and useful, giving the usual taste with a subtle je ne sais quoi

Sogno Toscano infused oils are created by infusing natural flavors into olive , thus adding depth and complexity to various dishes, enhancing their taste profiles

Our infused evo selection is unique for

  1. Quality of Olive Oil:  100% Italian extra virgin olive oil is the base for our infused products.
  1. Ingredients and Flavors: we only use authentic Italian ingredients in the infusion process to create distinct and memorable flavors.
  1. Production Process: The methods and care taken during the infusion process can impact the quality and intensity of the flavors. Our traditional infused method with innovative techniques ensures a well-balanced and aromatic infusion.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, natual orange flavor.


How to store

Keep in a dry and cool place, for best before date check back label.