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5 Cooking Tips for the Perfect Risotto: Your Taste Buds Demand It

5 Cooking Tips for the Perfect Risotto: Your Taste Buds Demand It


The perfect risotto is a dish that's worth the time it takes to cook, and if you're tired of eating bland rice dishes or looking for something different, this article will help you get started.

Risottos are simple dishes made with a base of Arborio rice that are cooked slowly in broth until they become tender.

The key to getting them just right is more than just patience. In this article, we'll give you 5 cooking tips for the perfect risotto. 

#1. You don't have to use Arborio Rice to make risotto.

While Arborio is traditionally used, you can also experiment with other types like Long Grain, Farro and even Barley rice. The key to a risotto is starchy rice, as the high starch content gives the risotto that nice and creamy texture.  

Long grain rice

#2. There's no hard or fast line when it comes to achieving the ideal risotto consistency.

Some people prefer a creamy risotto with the rice that's moderately cooked. Others like it al-dente and firm, while others enjoy their risotto soft so they can mix in things like herbs or vegetables to make an even more flavorful dish.

If you're going for the former, then using less stock will help achieve this consistency - but if you want your risotto to be really rich, use either extra stock or wine!

We like to stick to a rice:stock ratio of 1 Cup of Rice for every 4-6 cups of stock.

#3. Don't add cold stock to your risotto

If you add cold stock to your rice, the stock won't cook through. Hot stock makes it so much easier to achieve that creamy and rich texture that we all love.

Add your stock to a pot and bring it to a boil while you’re preparing your risotto.

#4. Experiment with the seasonings of your choice

Risotto is a simple dish, which leaves a lot of room for experimentation. As long as you follow the general recipe, it's hard to go wrong. You can mix and match your seasonings, but if you're not sure what to do, we recommend using some tomatoes, basil, and sundried tomato as this is a common mix in northeastern Italy. Thyme, Salt and pepper are great additions.

And don't forget that white wine also works well when cooking risotto by adding a touch of acidity to the dish.

If you want to give your risotto a fancier touch, splash a little Truffle Olive Oil or Truffle Butter in when you're sautéing the garlic, mushrooms, and shallots.

#5. Don't stop stirring the rice when you're adding in the stock.

It's important to never stop stirring the rice in order to make sure that it doesn't stick together. If you're not careful, you might end up with a big ball of sticky, burnt rice at the bottom of your pan!

While you're stirring, you want to be constantly adding small amounts of stock and letting them cook off before adding more. This ensures that all the liquid is absorbed by the rice evenly without having any excess watery or starchy portions left over on top.

Make sure that when you are cooking risotto there is always some moisture in the pot so if things get dry, just add some chicken broth until it covers about half an inch from bottom and then continue cooking as normal.

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