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Carriage mozzarella with bottarga and capers

Carriage mozzarella with bottarga and capers

Carriage mozzarella with bottarga and capers

  • Difficulty: Average 
  • Time: 25 min of preparation 
  • Type of Cooking: -
  • Doses for: 4 people



Mozzarella in a carriage is always tempting: in mignon format and in reasonable quantities, it is definitely a nice recipe to serve with an aperitif, as it certainly puts you in a good mood. Here we offer a version that winks at Sicily.


  1. Cut the crusts from the sandwich bread, slice the slices in half so as to obtain 40 rectangles.
  2. Thinly slice the mozzarella and the bottarga, rinse and chop the capers. Arrange half of the rectangles on a slice of mozzarella, one of bottarga
  3. and sprinkle with a pinch of chopped capers, then cover with the remaining slices of sandwich bread.
  4. Pass the edges of all the sandwiches obtained first in the flour and then in the water, in order to seal them.
  5. Arrange everything in a large plate, in a single layer.
  6. Beat the eggs and pour them over, making sure that all the slices are covered.
  7. Finally, heat the oil for frying and dip a few pieces at a time, for a few minutes, until they are golden brown.
  8. Drain and serve immediately.


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