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Tiella of Lamb with Mushrooms and Lampascioni

Tiella of Lamb with Mushrooms and Lampascioni


Procedure 2 hour 15 minutes                                   

Cooking Time 2 hours                                                             

People 4                                                                     

Difficulty Easy






  1.  With a cleaver or heavy knife, cut 1 leg of lamb of about 800 g into slices 2-3 cm high. 
  2.  Clean 300 g of cardoncelli mushrooms by removing the earthy part of the stem and cut them into 4 parts. Clean 200 g of wild onions, wash them and carve them at the base. 
  3. Crumble 100 g of stale Apulian breadcrumbs and collect in a bowl; add the chopped parsley, the chopped garlic, 50 g of grated pecorino di Fossa cheese, salt and pepper. 
  4. Take a terracotta pan that can go into the oven, wide and with rather high edges; pour a few tablespoons of EVOO on the bottom and arrange the slices of lamb trying not to overlap them; salt them, pepper them and spread over the mushrooms and lampascioni. 
  5. Sprinkle with 1 glass of white wine and sprinkle with the mix of bread,  Pecorino di Fossa and herbs; season with a round of oil, cover with a little water and pass in the oven at 180 °. Cook for about 2 hours: in the end the sauce will have to be rather small. 
  6.  Remove from the oven, let stand for a few minutes and serve. 



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