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Frittata with Broccoli Rabe, Gorgonzola and Guanciale

Frittata with Broccoli Rabe, Gorgonzola and Guanciale


Difficulty: Easy
Time of Preparation: 45 mins
Time of Cooking: 15 mins
Doses for: 4 people
Cost : $/$$/$$$




  1. Drain 120g of Friarielli. In a large bowl, beat 6 eggs with 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg, add the leaves of 2 marjoram sprigs and salt rule.
  2. Peel 250 g of potatoes, cut them into cubes and fry them in a pan with 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Then add 1 onion cut into thin slices together with a pinch of salt, cover and cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Let the vegetables cool off and then pour theminto the bowl with the eggs, stir, add 150 g of diced spicy gorgonzola and chopped friarielli.
  4. Dice the guanciale and sauté it in a pan.

Transfer the mixture to the lightly greased potato pan. Cook the omelette with friarielli,potatoes, Guanciale and gorgonzola by turning it with the help of a lid. Serve in wedges or squares, even cold.


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