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  • Frozen Choco Strawberries
    September 13, 2020 Sogno Toscano

    Frozen Choco Strawberries

    Fun Frozen Strawberries 🍓🍫 If you don't know which dessert to serve today, we can help you quickly and easily. Perfect to share with friends and family.    Difficulty: Easy Time of Preparation: 10 mins Time of Cooking: 10 mins Doses for: 6 people Cost: $$ INGREDIENTS Basic cake...

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  • Gluten Free Waffles by Sogno Toscano
    September 13, 2020 Sogno Toscano

    Gluten Free Waffles by Sogno Toscano

    Gluten-free and guilt-free waffles, the perfect breakfast for you 🥞 simple and delicious recipe.    Difficulty: Easy Time of Preparation: 20 mins Time of Cooking: 10 mins Doses for: 4 people Cost: $$ INGREDIENTS Variations with toppings are plenty! We used Truffle honey with truffle flakes, Truffle butter which is savory but amazingly combines...

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    September 12, 2020 Sogno Toscano

    Sugar Free Berry Jellow 🍓

    No sugar, no guilt, vegan, and the most beautiful summer dessert you can make to WOW your guests or make your kids love sugar free desserts!.   Difficulty: Easy Time of Preparation: 20 mins Time of Cooking: 4-6 hours Doses...

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  • 🥐 Puff Pastry Sweet Tricks 🥐
    September 4, 2020 Sogno Toscano

    Puff Pastry Sweet Tricks 🥐

    Why you should always have puff pastry dough in your freezer? To make your life sweeter! Easy to make and impressive presentation 😋 Difficulty: Easy Time of Preparation: 20 mins Time of Cooking: 15 mins Doses for: 4 people Cost: $  Ingredients Frozen Puff Pastry Dough Jam (choose...

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