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Pandoro with Nocciolata and Pistacchio cream

Pandoro with Nocciolata and Pistacchio cream

Pandoro is a traditional Italian Christmas cake originating from Verona. Its name means "golden bread" in Italian, and it's characterized by its star-shaped profile and rich, buttery flavor. This festive treat is often dusted with powdered sugar to resemble the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps.

In this recipe, we are making a dessert slicing the Pandoro horizontally creating different layers of deliciousness with Nocciolata, an organic cocoa and hazelnut spread and a Sicilian Pistacchio cream.


Difficulty: Easy

Time of Preparation: 10 min

Time of Cooking:  no required

Doses for: 4 people


1 Pandoro

4oz Pistachio cream

4oz Organic Hazelnut spread





1. Slice the Pandoro horizontally into layers.

2. Spread a layer of Nocciolata cream on one slice, followed by another slice on top.

3.Repeat with Pistacchio cream on the next layer. Continue layering until you reconstruct the tree shape.

4.Finish by dusting powdered sugar for a festive touch.


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