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Organic Trofie Casareccie

17.6oz/ 500g
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Trofie is a type of pasta that originates from Liguria, and it's traditionally made by rolling small pieces of pasta dough between the palms of the hands, creating a twisted and slightly irregular shape that is ideal for holding onto sauces.

Trofie pasta is most famously paired with Pesto Genovese, but it also pairs nicely with seafood and tomato based sauces like marinara sauce.

Trofie's shape catches bits of herbs quite well. Tossing the cooked pasta with fresh basil, parsley, or other herbs can enhance the dish's aroma and taste.



Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten. It might contain traces of eggs & soy products. 100% Organic


How to store

Keep in a dry and cool place, for best before date see the bottom.

Cooking time: 13-15 minutes