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Sardinian Spiny PDO artichokes

1lb/ 450g
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The Spiny Artichoke is one of the traditional products of Sardinia: a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) mark has been granted to recognize its particular and unique features . The environment and climate of Sardinia enable the Spiny Artichoke to get its own features and properties you cannot find in the plants grown in other parts of the earth.

Its head is oblong and conical, while its strong leaves are coloured from the green to the purple. If the leaves are crisp, the stem is quite soft.You just need to approach your nose to get its strong flavour, while its taste is a perfect blend of bitter and sweet.


Sardinian PDO Spiny artichokes, sunflower oil, vinegar, salt.

How to store

keep refrigerated, consume within a few days of opening.