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"Molini di Voghera" - Italian Pizza Flour "0"

2.2 lb / 997.9 gr
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Imported directly from Molini di Voghera the oldest mill in Italy that carries on a story of fine grains since 1610. Farina Pizzeria is a soft wheat flour made from the milling of soft wheats: . Flour for elastic doughs, highly suitable for making traditional Neapolitan Pizza. This particular mix of grains gives it a crispy and fragrant feature.

Special flour for production of pan pizza or pizza with short leaving time of 8-10 hours. High elasticity gives ease to use to the dough.

Produced in type “00” – “0” – “1”

W 310 P/L 0,50-0,60


Wheat flour, may contain traces of soy.