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italian mortadella Rovagnati pre-sliced

4oz/ 114g
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This Italian cold cut has been produced since ancient times – the 1st century! The recipe originates in the region near Rome, and it consists of finely ground pork (the first part of the name, “mortar” derives from the mortar that was used for grinding) , stuffed into a casing, then cooked in traditional brick ovens until 36 hours so that the high temperature does not compromise the natural characteristics of the meat.


Presented in round light pink slices, the flavor is mild, delicate, and fragrant with a soft, silky texture.


Hormone free, high in protein and gluten free.



Pork, pork fat, water, salt, sugar, seasonings ( yeast extracts, dextrose, white pepper extract, coriander essential oil), garlic, sodium ascorbate, black pepper, sodium nitrite.

How to store

Keep refrigerated, for best before date see back label.