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Paccheri with Radicchio and Fontina

Paccheri with Radicchio and Fontina

The rich, creamy cheese sauce of this dish is a perfect complement to the salty pasta and bitter radicchio.

👩‍🍳 Ingredients for 4 people:



Cut fontina 10 oz in small cubes and add to to saucepan

Add milk 9 oz

Leave for 2 hours at room temperature

Set on low temperature

Check fondue temperature it must be 160-170F

Stir occasionally with a whisk

Add chopped rosemary, oregano and black pepper 

cook over low heat for 10-15 min


In the boiling salted water cook Adoro Paccheri 12 oz till al dente 

In the skillet pour olive oil 

Add radicchio 4 oz  

Fry about 5 min and turn off the heat

When fondue is ready, pour it in the pan with radicchio 

Add cooked paccheri and mix 

Serve  Immediately

Available on italian restaurant west village


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